Mungo: the man who laughs
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Mungo: the man who laughs

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MacCallum’s autobiography. His highwayman ancestor came to Australia to avoid the hangman. Since then there have been a number of eccentrics in the family, including Uncle D’Arcy, who married a chambermaid in a hot air balloon floating over Watsons Bay. Then there is Mungo himself, who in 1969 moved to Canberra and became one of the most prominent chroniclers of the Whitlam years, a period made for him and his ability as a satirist. Not that there haven’t been plenty of other targets since.

Mungo MacCallum is one of Australia’s best known political writers. Duffy & Snellgrove also publishes his book of advice to aspiring politicians, How To Be a Megalomaniac and his edited book Political Anecdotes.

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